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First Capital Poke Bar was established October of 2020 in Kingston, NY by Owner/Chef Max Glausen. Since opening the doors here at #FCPB, we have strived to provide beautiful, healthy, and fresh food to the locals and those who stop on their travels through the First Capital of New York - our little big city of Kingston!

Why Poke?

“When I first saw Poke, it was trending on social media as this spicy tuna, vegetables, and rice bowl. I was living and working with my friend who was from Saipan, and also lived in Hawaii for a long period of time; he said that wasn’t poke. The Hawaiian concept of poke was not this mayo based raw fish salad on rice with Cheetos and other stuff. Poke was fresh cubed fish marinated with sesame, chili oil, ginger, wasabi, and soy sauce. I wanted to open a bar, but I couldn’t do that in the middle of a pandemic. As a Japanese trained chef with a degree in business management, I reconfigured the type of bar I opened to something the first capital of New York would love to have.”

        -F. Maximilian Glausen

            Founder, Owner

Now Ramen?

You saw right! This Poke bar also has ramen. With the original goal to diversify the options for takeout in the area, we wanted something that would keep you warm through the colder months. We bring you house made broths and ingredients as well as noodles from a Hawaii based company, Sun Noodle. Let us know what you think!